Adobe give a “Sneak Peak” of Flash Player 10

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MAXWith Silverlight 1.0 released, I guess we have all been wondering what Adobe’s response will be. After all, Silverlight appears a better product than Flash 9, so a response is clearly required. Well their response has been made and it’s right to left text! Uh?

OK I’m being unfair, there are some other new bits, it’s just that they seem to make a huge play of the fact that finally, after ten versions of Flash, they are providing proper text support. In addition, 3D rotation of objects becomes easy to do and a new bitmap filter system, complete with a new language, codenamed Hydra, is to be introduced in the new player version.

Aral Balkan videoed the one new and interesting bit (according to him) of the keynote speech at this year’s MAX event in Chicago. As an aside, what is it about keynote speeches? This one sounds as unrevealing as Microsoft’s MIX:UK keynote. Anyway, that aside, the video is available on YouTube, which handily allows it to be embedded in a blog. So see for yourself what the new features in Flash Player 10 will be:

One thought on “Adobe give a “Sneak Peak” of Flash Player 10

  1. Thanks David – that video is hilarious! It’s 2007 and you can still get a round of applause by re-sizing a page of Japanese text correctly. Or, wow, hightlight across columns!

    Adobe fanboys (you know they’re boys…) are obviously just as sad as us Apple fanboys. If you’ve never watched the videocasts of Steve Jobs presentations you should – he gets gasps and ovations for introduced a new colour iPod …

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