Are systems badly done worse than no system at all?

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

backnetwork.gifWhen I registered for Microsoft’s MIX:UK event, I received an automatic invite to the Mix:UK backnetwork. All very fine and dandy I thought and so I filled out all of my details and joined. I didn’t find it overly useful, but it had potential.

Today I received an automatic invite to the Flash on the Beach backnetwork. Now that is handy, or so I thought. I followed the links, expecting to find my details already filled out. They weren’t. I had to create a new username and password, so perhaps they’d appear when I did that. Nope. Two backnetworks supplied by the same company – Madgex Limited – with two copies of my data and no way for me to share it between the two.

Perhaps I’m just naive, after all these “social networks” are provided by the conference organisers to promote their conference and they are therefore unlikely to be interested in helping to promote others. But that’s not the point in my view. I want to share my profile across the two and I don’t much care what the conference organisers think. So for me, what could have been a great conference networking tool is ruined by poor implementation.

However I’m an eternal optimist. I’m a great believer in complaining when things are wrong, as they will never be put right otherwise. So perhaps Madgex will fix their product for me 😉

3 thoughts on “Are systems badly done worse than no system at all?

  1. To give you more fuel to the fire. The invitation sendt out today also went out to those already registerd. And if you clicked (as many did) they got re-registerd. And now they apear twice on the list of atendees.

    Now THAT is poor implementation.

    But a great way to boost your number of atendees.


  2. I did wonder why some people had registered twice. To be honest, I assumed it was the fault of the people, not the system. Thanks for revealing what had really happened Thomas.

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