If it’s broke, break it some more

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

I recently moaned about the fact that my backnetwork account isn’t carried over between conference back-networks. It appears though that this is not the only thing that is broke with the backnetwork system. Not long ago, on the Flash on the Beach blog, they announced that delegate’s blog posts that used the FOTB07 tag would appear on the back network. So I have been marking my posts accordingly, and they appeared just fine. However I have noticed recently that few posts had been appearing on the backnetwork list, and those that did weren’t from blogs. Then earlier in the week, I posted a blog message about a fun flash app called simpsonizeme. The post has yet to appear on the back network.

Now things break occasionally; we all know that and moaning about it would be extremely hypocritical of me when my code has likely broken on people in the past in similar ways. That isn’t what has irritated me here though. What got me is that the ability to add comments to the Flash on the Beach blog post – that announced the feature – are blocked, thus disabling an easy route for me to report the problem. However”ping backs” are supported. For those unfamiliar with the technicalities of blogs, when I submitted this post, the wordpress code behind it tries to send a standard message to each of the links I’ve included to notify them I’ve linked to them. This message is called “ping back” and many blogs add these ping backs as comments to the quoted article. Thus why I’ve written this post: I hope that it’ll appear as a ping back comment beneath the original blog post and that the Flash on the Beach organisers will see it and try and fix the problem. Talk about having to jump through hoops!


OK so I have my rant at night, get up the next morning and find this post has appeared on the Flash on he Beach backnetwork. At first I thought the problem was caused by the latest upgrade of WordPress (version 2.3). It has introduced a new feature (tags). That appears not to be the case now though. Still puzzled on this one.