Amazon loses patent battle to a Lord of the Rings Actor

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

Once there was an actor from New Zealand who got a bit part in the Lord of the Rings films. Finding himself out of work after they were finished, he wondered what he could do next. Then it hit him: challenge Amazon’s “One click” software patent! So the man from New Zealand took on the mighty might of a mighty company … and won!

(OK I admit it; I just made up the bit about him being out of work).

The rest though is true. Peter Calveley did appear in Lord of the Rings and he did decide to challenge the validity of Amazon’s one-click patent. And, as was widely reported this week, he won and the US patent office has ruled against 21 of 26 claims within the patent.

As someone who hates the whole concept of software patents, I think this great news!

UPDATE: 29/10/2007

I came across an interesting new twist to this story on the Register today. Seems that a company owned by Amazon effectively helped Peter Calveley with his case against Amazon. Oh the irony! 😀

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