Flash on the Beach Day 1

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.


It is lunchtime on day 1 of the Flash on the Beach event in Brighton and my main thought so far is ”what sort of two bit conference is this? They don’t even provide lunch!” Poor quality organisation aside, so far it has been reasonably good.

The keynote was better than I expected. It was very amateur in execution but it contained some interesting bits and pieces about AIR and CS4.

The first session I attended was by Dave Williamson. It was on the subject of localisation. It was a frustrating session, for the subject is an important one and Dave raised some interesting ideas that had not occurred to me. But it needed lots of examples and there were very few and what was there were badly done.

The other session of the morning was an introduction to AIR. This was by Mike Chambers, a product manager for Adobe. This was both professionally presented and informative.

And so we get to the ”no food” lunchtime and half of day 1 is done.