Flash on the Beach Day 2

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.


Day 2 of the conference was a huge improvement over day 1. I was able to pick a set of sessions that were useful rather than just interesting. Technical glitches caused problems, but there was less amateurism on display.A session by Adobe’s Ted Patrick on Flex worst practices got the day off to a good start. Ted’s speech was more about how to avoid bad practices rather than a ‘train wreck’ list of them. Test driven development with ASUnit got a mention as a way of avoiding many problems, along with agile practices (no mention of scrum though) and the use of subversion. All of it was preaching to the converted from my point of view, but great to hear.

The next session was the low point of the day. Dave Yang was covering mobile devices. He arrived late and the technicians couldn’t get various devices to work with the projector. So we had a short session involving lots of shaky camera-pointed-at-device type demos. A shame as this is an important area for me.

Aral Balkan
was up next with his SWX talk. This was a classic piece of tempting fate. At the start of his speech he touched upon how he had moved away from unreliable Windows to his lovely reliable Mac. Later in his speach his lovely reliable Mac had to be rebooted as it refused to connect to the wireless network. Let’s just say it made me smile.

The end of the day was wrapped up with a stunning set of OpenGL particle processing animations by Robert Hodgin. All in all a good day.