Microsoft release a SQL Server driver for PHP

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php-med-trans-light.gifMicrosoft recently released a SQL Server driver for PHP. Anyone who have ever attempted to connect PHP to SQL Server using php_mssql.dll will know how amazing it is to finally have a proper – Microsoft supported – driver. However being Microsoft, there are the usual caveats:

  1. It’s not open source (even though they make a big deal of it on the “open source” Channel 9) . This is unsurprising.
  2. It’s a Windows only driver. So no planning a “LASP” (Linux, Apache, Sql Server and PHP) box. This is annoying.
  3. It’s a PHP 5 only driver, yet it is a procedural-only driver with no OO support. This is just stupid.

So another “almost great news” announcement from Microsoft then.

If you want to keep up with news on this product, or give Microsoft feedback, they have a product specific blog and a forum that covers this driver along with other SQL Server connectivity options.

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