Test Driven Development: the promised links

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

logo100.pngSometime ago I posted an article on Test Driven Development (TDD) and promised that some useful links for the following day. I then ran into a problem. Two of the links I wanted to use were on Robert Martin’s butunclebob.com, which no longer seems to be working. However I have now found his “Three rules of TDD” on another site. I really like them. The reason is that they sound a really stupid set of rules if one hasn’t done TDD and yet, once one has used TDD for a while, they are spot on. They are therefore a useful benchmark as to whether you have “got it” with regard to TDD. If they sound daft to you, then you either haven’t done TDD yet, or you are doing it wrongly.

The butunclebob.com site also carried a powerpoint of a famous TDD example, the Bowling Game Kata. As the site is down, I’m serving the file from my site. I’ve contacted the copyright owners, www.objectmentor.com, to check if I can do this, so it might disappear in the future if I’m not legally allowed to.

Wikipedia carries a good article on TDD that is well worth reading.

Finally for now, the best source of all things TDD is TestDriven.com. They have a huge range of good quality material on TDD all gathered in one handy place.

I plan on making this post a constantly evolving one to which I’ll add more links as and when I find them. You may well wish to bookmark this page therefore.