Problem Solving the Microsoft Way, or How to Get Silverlight Onto Every Desktop

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beijing.pngProblem: Silverlight is new; hardly anyone knows about it, so hardly anyone will use it (why bother when they already have Flash?)

Solution: Provide users with exclusive access to over 3000 hours of live and on-demand video content via Silverlight streaming. And not just any old content either, we are talking the Olympic Games here. Microsoft have secured a deal to provide the online coverage of the Beijing Olympics in August this year and all that coverage will use Silverlight, requiring everyone who wants to watch the stuff to install the Silverlight (version 2 apparently) plugin.

This is a clever move by Microsoft, and a brilliant news for RIA developers concerned at the lack of market penetration of Silverlight. After the games, that penetration rate should have jumped from near 0% to a very significant percentage of the world’s computers.

More details on Somasegar’s blog

2 thoughts on “Problem Solving the Microsoft Way, or How to Get Silverlight Onto Every Desktop

  1. You’re absolutely correct. I love this move by Microsoft.

    Plus, I’m even more excited about the possibility that Silverlight 2.0 will be released by this summer!

  2. At the MIX:UK 07 event recently, Scott Guthrie implied that version 2 (as it’s now known) would be released in the Autumn of this year, and that it would support Linux and WinCE at that time.

    Since they appear to be bringing the release date forward, I’m concerned that Linux aqnd WinCE support are going by the wayside. Throwing more people at the problem to get a release out early is too risky I suspect (that great saying “nine women cannot produce a baby in one month” applies here).

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