MacBook Air’s Battery is User-Replacable After all (for a Given Value of User-Replacable)

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According to the tech site, users can replace their own MacBook Air battery. The user “simply” needs to remove 19 #00 Philips screws to do so. As puts it:

Replacing the battery is straightforward, but not something you’ll be doing when your battery dies mid-flight.

This of course shouldn’t be a problem. After all if you are rich enough, and stupid enough, to buy this piece of pointless eye candy and then try to use it as a real computer, you are likely to just employ a man simply to replace the battery mid-flight for you…

3 thoughts on “MacBook Air’s Battery is User-Replacable After all (for a Given Value of User-Replacable)

  1. Come on, David… If you’re rich enough to buy this you’ll be flying at the front of the airplane where power sockets are standard (they’re even appearing in ‘coach’ these days – on Virgin America at least). What proportion of laptop users carry spare batteries anyway!? And who wants to use a laptop for more than 3 hours in cattle class ? I think Apple can afford to ignore that 5% of the market in just one of their laptops. The MacBook is looking a bit tired now (white case – how nineties…) but is still available for those whose primary concern is 6 hours of Perl hacking per flight…

    Did you see that Stephen Fry agrees with you about the Eee:

  2. I’m not surprised that Stephen Fry agrees with me. He is a man of consummate intelligence after all 😉

  3. I’ve met a couple of new Eee owners recently, and they all seem to be really happy with them. One has replaced the default Xandros with Ubuntu – but then, you can…

    As for the MB Air, Laurence has a point about power supplies, even (some) trains have power sockets for customer use, even if I reckon his “5% of the market” figure is made up 🙂 And if this article on The Register is right then there will be a lot more superskinny laptops following right along. But it is a very pretty laptop, no denying it.

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