Mac Users are “self centred, arrogant and conceited”

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A couple of people have recently suggested to me that I seem to have a thing against Apple. Whilst untrue, this post will do nothing to dispel that view 😉 has a light-hearted video that summarises market research into the stereotypical Mac user. Aside from claiming they are self centred, arrogant and conceited, apparently the average (American) Mac user eats organic food, drives a tank (they are called “station wagons” in the USA apparently), buys five pairs of trainers (sneakers) a year and is worried about green issues. I can’t quite square the last one with driving some ridiculously big car, but that’s them “crazy Americans” for you…

3 thoughts on “Mac Users are “self centred, arrogant and conceited”

  1. We are not arrogant, self-centred or conceited! We just happen to have the nicest computers – and know that all you Windows/Unix users are wrong and bad…

    The ‘station wagon’ in that video is a Land Rover – so be careful before you give our American friends a hard time on their car choices. Mind you, the video says I should a) be driving a hybrid 2) be driving a station wagon – where can I get a hybrid, station wagon?

    Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to buy sneakers.

  2. Like David, I’m not a Mac hater, some of my best friends &c … and I’m posting without having seen the video (work, blocked, you know the problems).

    S’funny, but a significant proportion of the Apple users I know use their Apple computers to run Windows or various *ix OS’s (ignoring the BSD base of OS X, of course).

    As for the hybrid station wagon, sir will be needing a Lexus RX400h. Plenty of room for the sustainable organic hand-woven tofu.

    However, I *do* eat organic food, drive a “station wagon” – which seems to map to estate car rather than tank – and I’m at least slightly interested in green issues; it seems I only need to buy more sneakers and work on the personality defects and then I can update my very old iBook.

  3. My Mac was running XP and Ubuntu while I was writing the previous post – but I wasn’t going to mention that…

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