C# “How To” Article Section Launched

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c_sharp.pngI’m a big fan of C# and so have decided to launch my first side project on that subject: the C# “How To” Articles section. There are only two articles there at the time of writing, but I hope to add roughly an article a week. Thus over the coming months, it will hopefully grow into a truly useful resource.

There are of course many C# resources out there already, and so you might ask why I’m bothering. Take a look at the articles and hopefully you’ll see why. There are lots of little known, but often very useful, features tucked away in the C# language. My set of articles aims to explore these, at least as a starting point.

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  1. hi david

    i am bookmarking this section as we’re just starting out in c# and i am sure this will become a very useful resource 🙂

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