All change at Arno#

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

Today was the day when my employment with Eurotherm Ltd finished and my employment with Enigma Data Solutions began. I swapped a 45 minute drive through the traffic jams of the A27 for a traffic jam on the A22 due to an overturned lorry. Doh! Luckily though I was only delayed by 10 minutes. Some in the office – who came from the opposite direction – were stuck for two hours. Ouch!

The new job will involve ActionScipt 3 (which I love already; it is such a huge improvement over ActionScript 2) and Java. This blog has been very Microsoft-centric (especially with regard to C#) up until now, but I may not use C# again for some time. This raises some issues for me:

  1. Do I abandon the C# tutorial series?
  2. Do I scrap the Arno# name?
  3. Do I scrap my plans to get involved in Pash?
  4. How will I convince my new boss that sending me to Mix:UK this year would be worth their while?
  5. Do I write some decent documentation on flexunit?

The last question is a no-brainer. I’ve started experimenting with flexunit, and it is a good unit testing framework for flex. The documentation for it is utterly crap though. I’ve worked out how to use it mainly by reading through the source code! So watch this space for some tutorials on using flexunit.

As for the others, time will tell…

2 thoughts on “All change at Arno#

  1. Hello Dave,

    I will miss your nice blog entries at Eurotherm.
    I wish you all the best in your new job.



  2. Thanks for the kind words Adrien. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Eurotherm and will miss it and the people there. It’s good to know that you enjoyed my blog posts on the Eurotherm R&D blog. Hopefully you might continue to enjoy my posts here 😉

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