Firefox 3 Dayload Day is to happen after all (just 19 hours late)

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Unless you live under a rock (or care not for technology), you will be aware that the 17th June is the official Firefox 3 download day. If like me, you have been patiently watching for it to be available for download ever since 00:01 on the 17th in Tonga (which is bizarrely 13 hours ahead of GMT), you will have been thoroughly disappointed. It turns out that FF3 isn’t actually going to be launched until the 17th is over for most of the planet, as it is to be launched at 17:00 GMT (or 10am if you live on the west coast of the USA).

Perhaps they ran into technical difficulties, which forced a delay? Or perhaps our dear American friends behind the launch are as clueless over geography as the stereotypes depict them and thus are oblivious to the fact that it will be the 18th for much of the planet when they hit the go button. Either way, never fear: FF3 is being released, it will just be a little late…

Update: Well I was a bit generous with the 19 hours late. The event is clearly going to be a major one as demand appears to have taken the Mozilla servers down at 17:00 GMT and they weren’t back up again for nearly two hours. So the record setting event is under way “just” 21 hours late. I think my download from the FTP site won’t count, so I’ll have to download again to register it.

I’ve taken down the link to the FTP site down now that FF3 is available from the website. And – as Laurence spotted – I was guilty of being badly windows-centric with the link, so sorry about that.

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  1. Bit presumptious on that download URL, David! Excludes everyone with a decent operating system…

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