Has the chrome plating fallen off google’s web browser already

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Chrome has been released into the wild and the initial feedback seems less than shiny:

  1. Only the Windows version has been released. Will there be a Mac and Linux versions? What about Solaris and other Unix flavours? If so, when? Chrome is up against pretty tough competition, so was it wise to risk alienating potential users by going the Windows-only route with the first release.
  2. Google are trumpeting the process-per-tab feature as some great new never-before-thought-of browser solution. Shame they’ve never heard of Maxthon, a tab-based browser that ran an IE process in each tab. This was a solution to IE 6 not supporting tabs. Guess this feature isn’t quite so innovative as Google would have us believe.
  3. And of course the comic has received a bit of a satirical make-over too.

All that aside, it is an interesting browser design, if a little strange to use. It is extremely minimalist. I find the lack of a home button for example to be just plain weird.

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