I’ve caught the twitter bug!

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

I signed up to twitter months ago, in fact just before Mix 08 (March I think.) The idea at the time was to keep track of announcements as they were made, rather than waiting for blog posts to appear. It really didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, and the web interface was clunky, so I abandoned it.

This weekend though, I decided to revisit twitter. There are a number of desktop twitter apps available, but many seem to show all twitters, not just those from the people you follow. And those that do allow you to filter on your follow list – such as Snitter, Spaz and Twhirl – all seem to be based around Adobe AIR. I’ve nothing against AIR, but the Adobe website has been playing up all weekend and I couldn’t download the AIR runtime, which is a complete show-stopper when it comes to running AIR apps.

I then stumbled across Witty, which is a .NET/ WPF twitter client. I downloaded it and it runs just fine. So I’m now equipped to experiment with twitter for a couple of weeks, to see if it suits me.

If you are a twitterer yourself and wish to follow my random ramblings, the username is DavidArno. If you haven’t tried twitter before, head over to my page and have a read of the small number of people I’m currently following to get an idea of how it’s used.