Running Windows 7 beta on Sun xVM VirtualBox

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Windows 7I have recently installed the Windows 7 beta on a VM on my Vista box using Sun’s xVM VirtualBox. I had just two issues: no network driver and the Guest Additions reported they weren’t compatible with Windows 7. The solution to both was:

  1. Mount the Guest Additions CD
  2. Choose the “Open folder to view files” option when it auto-starts
  3. Right click on VBoxWindowsAdditions and VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86. Select properties and enable XP SP2 compatibility (Vista compatibility might work, I just didn’t test it).
  4. Run VBoxWindowsAdditions.
  5. Now right click on Computer in the start menu and select properties, then device manager.
  6. Select the Ethernet controller under Other Devices, right click and select Update Driver Software.
  7. Choose the Browse my Computer option and search in D:\. Install the driver.

After restarting Windows 7, automatic mouse capture and release worked correctly and the network sprang into life.

8 thoughts on “Running Windows 7 beta on Sun xVM VirtualBox

  1. Just testing windows 7 in virtualbox 2.1.0
    I used the vista preset and the networkadapter defaults to an intel gbit adapter and just worked!
    I installed VB additions with vista compatibility and installed correctly. I think it works, because technically they are the same. Windows 7 is more polished.

    Greetings Hans /-//-\

  2. Can u please explain 2 better, i dont see any option either then choose where to boot from, when it starts

  3. @Edmond,

    When you select “Install Guest Additions…” from the Devices menu in the VirtualBox window, this mounts the guest additions CD. For me, this results in Windows 7 bringing up a prompt with the options: install the additions and browse the disk.

    If you do not see this prompt, select “Install Guest Additions…” from the menu, then open explorer and navigate to D:\. The files you need to modify are contained there.

  4. Thank you for the instructions. That worked very well with VirtualBox 2.1 on a 24″ iMac, running Mac OS X 10.5.6.

  5. No matter what I do, I can’t get the network driver to be installed, I’m assuming it’s because I’m using the 64bit version of Win 7

  6. @Alex,

    That does sound the likely cause. There is a 64 bit version of VBoxWindowsAdditions on the Guest Additions CD image though. Have you tried running that to see if that installs the 64 bit driver?

    I’ve only tried the 32 bit install, so I’m not much use on 64 bits problems.

  7. I tried the 64bit installer, searching the 64bit folder, etc., It doesn’t see any valid drivers on the disk and the guest tools doesn’t install any drivers.

    All the other drivers and tools install fine though.

  8. And right after I post a comment, I find the solution.

    Use the Intel network card instead of a PCnet network card in the VM settings, Windows 7 sees it right away as it comes with a driver for it.

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