Pinning the recycle bin to the taskbar in Windows 7

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Windows 7I really like Windows 7 release candidate: it is everything that Vista should have been and more. It runs on low spec hardware, it is slick, looks good and it Just WorksTM in so many ways. I have it installed on an old 1.6GHz single core laptop and yet, even with Aero Glass enabled, it feels faster than my dual-core 2.5GHz main machine. Being a fan of the Dock on OS X machines, I really like the new taskbar too. I have one major gripe with it though: you cannot pin the recycle bin to it. If you try to, it gets hidden away by the Windows Explorer icon that is already there and is accessible only through right-clicking on that icon.

Help is at hand though with this one failing of Windows 7. It is possible to add the recycle bin to the taskbar (and have it support drag and drop). In short, the solutiuon is to create a new toolbar that contains a shortcut to the recycle bin. Full details can be found on sevenforums. See below for the results:


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