Why the iPhone User Interface is clunky and why I don’t care

From http://www.yourdictionary.com/clunky

clunky (kluŋk′ē)

adjective clunkier clunk′·i·er, clunkiest clunk′·i·est

  1. clumsy or awkward
  2. not stylish or attractive
  3. making a clunking sound

First of all, let me make clear that I have an iPhone and I love it. Secondly, I feel it is stylish and attractive and have never heard it make a clunking sound. By “clunky” I mean it is “clumsy or awkward”.

So having made that point, let me move on to address why I claim the iPhone’s user interface is clunky. Continue reading “Why the iPhone User Interface is clunky and why I don’t care”

Become a better developer: listen to podcasts

Four years ago I was a web developer using VBScript and ASP, with a tiny bit of Flash occasionally thrown in. Prior to web development, I’d not done much else with my career aside from a great many years of C/C++ programming, some lex and yacc work and writing Korn Shell scripts. Then two things happened to my career which seem to shift it up a gear. Continue reading “Become a better developer: listen to podcasts”

Long may the iPhone remain Flash-free

“When is Flash coming to the iPhone?” seems to be a commonly asked question of Adobe. It’s clear from the likes of Lee Brimelow that it is a question that causes great consternation within that company. They want Flash on the iPhone, of that there is little doubt. Flash is available on Windows, OS X and Linux and – assuming all goes well with the Open Screen Project – it will be available within the browsers of all smart phones bar the iPhone later this year. As a Flex developer and an iPhone user, I guess this should worry me. To be honest though, it really doesn’t. In fact, it fills me with hope for the future. Continue reading “Long may the iPhone remain Flash-free”