AS3Enum preprocessor poll: I need your votes!

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AS3 EnumsFor the past few months, I have been occasionally working on a sideline project called AS3Enums. It is a preprocessor for AS3/ Flex/ Flash, which adds powerful enum support to AS3. Being a preprocessor, it is designed to run via ANT, the command line, the “external tools” feature in FlexBuilder, FlashBuilder, FDT etc.

Recently though I have produced a couple of AS3 frameworks: collections.Immutable and AS3Initializers. To say they have received a lukewarm reception is an understatement and I doubt anyone but myself uses, or will ever use, them. This has made me stop and think about ASEnums. Being new to the whole Flash scene, I may be misjudging what other flash folk want. I sit on the fringe with my interests and ideas, I know that much. However, I now fear that I maybe so far out on the fringe, I’m in in danger of falling into the oblivion of irrelevance with my current ideas.

To finish off AS3Enums, I need to invest time in writing more code, integrating it nicely with ANT and writing various docs etc. This will be a huge waste of effort if no one is actually interested in the project. So I figured the thing to do was to have a poll to find out if AS3Enums is desired by anyone. So having read this far, I’d be grateful if you’d take the time to vote, even if it’s to vote “no”. Many thanks.

Would you use the AS3Enums preprocessor if it were ever released?

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2 thoughts on “AS3Enum preprocessor poll: I need your votes!

  1. Why do you want AS3 to be Java? Why not just ask Adobe to add Java to abc in the compiler?

  2. @Sam,

    I’m not sure where you get the idea that I want AS3 to be Java. In some regards, eg its support for closures and true properties, AS3 is superior to Java. However Java has some interesting features I’d like to see AS3 copy.

    Sadly I lack the clout to contact Adobe with a suggestion and have the jump straight to it. Java -> abc remains the domain of clever folk like Joa Ebert, not Adobe.

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