Moo + FOTB = laptop sticker art fun

A couple of years ago I gained a set of the “periodic table” stickers that Adobe produced. Like many folk I stuck some of them on my laptop. They looked a bit lonely for I limited myself to the four relevant to me. This led to me writing to the likes of Software WTF?, Stack Overflow and the like to get more stickers.

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Why the “private” keyword is the modern day “goto”

evil-privateMost developers these days will tell you that one aspect of object-orientated (OO) best practice is to make member variables private. I contest that they are wrong and that not only is it bad practice, it can force others to have to implement nasty hacks to get around the use of the private keyword. Continue reading “Why the “private” keyword is the modern day “goto””

User Experience: it’s features all the way down

Last weekend – 3rd July 2010 – TechCrunch published an article entitled “FaceTime and Why Apple’s Massive Integration Advantage is Just Beginning“. To my mind it is one of the most appallingly fan-boy biased, poorly argued, articles that TechCrunch have published. Yet bizarrely others seem to describe it as an insightful post that argues why endlessly adding new features to products is not a good thing. Continue reading “User Experience: it’s features all the way down”