Moo + FOTB = laptop sticker art fun

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

A couple of years ago I gained a set of the “periodic table” stickers that Adobe produced. Like many folk I stuck some of them on my laptop. They looked a bit lonely for I limited myself to the four relevant to me. This led to me writing to the likes of Software WTF?, Stack Overflow and the like to get more stickers.

These days I have a reasonable collection, but they lack something important: creativity. All the stickers were designed by others. My only input is in their placement. What I really wanted was my own creation in sticker form.

Recently I decided the solution was to take an image, split it into tiles and get the tiles printed as a set of Moo Stickers. A chance discussion with David Wagner led to great twist to the plan. As the stickers would form a mosaic of sorts, why not make each sticker a mosaic itself?

So I took the 20 elevator pitch faces as the mosaic images:

and applied them to the Flash on the Beach logo:

to generate a bunch of tiles, eg:

which were then turned into the Moo Stickers. The logo formed a 10×3 sticker image. I also generated an 8×5 sticker version of the soup can image. As this used up 70 of the 90 stickers in a Moo Sticker set, I used the 20 speakers for the remainder.

The stickers arrived today. The quality is good, but disappointingly they are not printed in the order I uploaded them, so a jigsaw puzzle must be solved before they can be stuck down in order.

So far I have just applied the logo mosaic to my laptop, with the following result:

If you want to see the finished article “in the flesh”, come and find me at this year’s Flash on the Beach. I’ll be easy to find as I’ll be one of only a handful of folk with a Dell laptop (most have Apple laptops), which will of course be covered in stickers 🙂

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