FOTB 2010 Day 0

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

It’s that time of year again: Flash on the Beach rolls back into Brighton town and hundreds of bewildered geeks wander the streets of Brighton looking for food and beer in between Adobe Flash-related (and some far less related) talks. For the second year running, I went for the “Full Enchilada” package, which includes a Sunday workshop and the three conference days.

Registration was painless, though I was disappointed that I just got a plain old conference badge, rather than a special Elevator Pitch one. But I’ll get over it. The workshop itself started a little late, but on the whole, Julian Dolce’s Flash for Mobile workshop was good. Weirdly, I seemed to learn more about Flash Pro than Flash for mobile as I’ve never really used the tool before.

The elevator pitch rehearsals were interesting. We got to see first hand the stress John Davey is under during the conference as he had an unconventional way of saying hello to us all. Also the resolution of my laptop has now been screwed up for the next two days to get it to work with the Dome’s amazing projector that can work with absolutely any resolution as long as it’s 1280×800.

The big thing about FOTB this year though is meeting people. A year ago I basically knew no one attending the conference. In the intervening year, I’ve “met” a whole bunch of people through twitter and the conference is at least in part all about then meeting those folk for real. I made a great start today and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow as a result.