WiseMVC makes it to GitHub

wisemvcLast week, I released a preview of WiseMVC, with the aim of getting feedback on the idea. I was really pleased to get some seriously high quality feedback from Frédéric Saunier. He suggested lots of improvements and asked me some thought-provoking questions on why I was doing it. As a result, I have reworked the code to take many of his ideas into account. Continue reading “WiseMVC makes it to GitHub”

Announcing WiseMVC: PureMVC without the anti-patterns

wisemvcPureMVC has been a popular MVC framework. It is available for many programming languages. It’s lightweight, easy to learn and implements a nice interpretation of the rather vague concept that is “Model View Controller”. It’s popularity has begun to wane in recent years though Continue reading “Announcing WiseMVC: PureMVC without the anti-patterns”

AS4 Feature proposal: Pass properties by reference

AS4 draftActionScript 3 (AS3) supports the idea of being able to pass around a reference to a method. All methods can be treated as an instance of the Function class to facilitate this. Unfortunately, the same is not possible with properties. So whilst one can provide say an event handler with a reference to a private method, the same cannot be done with those frameworks that use properties. Continue reading “AS4 Feature proposal: Pass properties by reference”

Field = Attribute = Property = Getter = Method = Member. WTF?

When I started learning about Object Orientated (OO) programming some 15 years ago, I was taught a set of terms to describe aspects of OO: class, object, method and field. In recent years, I’ve added one more term to the list: property. Whilst in my own mind, these terms have clear meaning, such meaning is not universal. Continue reading “Field = Attribute = Property = Getter = Method = Member. WTF?”