2010: A personal retrospective

For me, 2010 has not been dominated by computers or technology, despite that being effectively both my work and main hobby. Instead 2010 has been dominated by our house. We have had an extension built on the side of the house that contains our new kitchen diner and study. However I found many parallels between this extension and software development, plus the year has been far from technology-free. Continue reading “2010: A personal retrospective”

Exception handling: some thoughts on good practices

stop signThis article is inspired in part by Mike Hadlow’s “The first rule of exception handling: do not do exception handling” article that he wrote last year. Whilst it is simply the eye-catching title of an otherwise well considered article, to my mind it also encompasses some bad advice often given on the topic. This article is born out of a desire to “set the record straight” and offer up what I see as some exception handling “good practice.” Continue reading “Exception handling: some thoughts on good practices”