QCon 2011 Day 3

QCON2011I like conferences. I only discovered them a few years back, but since then I’ve become hooked. A conference offers a combination of many things: a break from the day job; a chance to learn new things; inspiration; a challenge to pre-conceived ideas; and an opportunity to meet new people or meet up with old friends. They offer one other thing too: a chance to discover that whilst I and the company I work for could be better at software production, things could be so much worse too. Sometimes that comes about by listening to horror stories of how other companies and individuals do things. Other times though it’s simply by a conference day being such a let down that getting back to the day job becomes something to look forward to. The third day at QCon turned out to be one of those days for me. Continue reading “QCon 2011 Day 3”

QCon 2011 Day 2

As I walked to the conference hall from Victoria Station with a couple of colleagues from the company I work for – Richard and Nick – we discussed the tracks and sessions available today and how they didn’t look as good as yesterday’s. Organising a three day conference to ensure there is something of interest to everyone all of the time must be a logistical nightmare, so some days are bound to inspire some more than others. I therefore approached the day with low expectations. Boy was I wrong to do so… Continue reading “QCon 2011 Day 2”

QCon 2011 Day 1

This was my second year at QCon London, so I had some idea of what to expect. Registration was a painless process: I walked up to booth related to my first name and collected my badge and “bag of crap” as one person described it and that was the job done. No ID or proof of purchase required; other conferences take note! I must admit though that I’d really like it if conferences gave out those cloth re-usable shopping bags rather than geeky laptop bags, which I then throw away as I already have a stack of them. After grabbing my badge it was off upstairs for a cup of tea and pastry and a quick look at the exhibitors stands. Being a Flex developer, it was great to see Adobe there this year. After that it was off to the day’s keynote. Continue reading “QCon 2011 Day 1”