This year, I’ve mostly been shaving yaks

Shaven yak imageHopefully you are all familiar with the term “shaving a yak”. If not, take a read of Seth Godin’s succinct description of it. I was discussing the state of my AS3 enums project with my friend and colleague Richard Johnson last week. He pointed out to me that I was indulging in a textbook example of yak shaving. Continue reading “This year, I’ve mostly been shaving yaks”

Beginner’s guide to SWF internals

I have recently pushed the initial version of a new framework – the AS3Introspection library – up to github. AS3Introspection can decode a SWF and generate a representation – by default as XML – of its code contents. Whilst writing an introduction to AS3Introspection, it occurred to me that for someone to understand how it works, they would need at least a basic understanding of the internals of a SWF. I have therefore written this article to hopefully provide that basic understanding. Continue reading “Beginner’s guide to SWF internals”