Poll: Help choose the name for a Flex conference

I am aiming to run a not-for-profit Flex/AIR/AS3 conference either later this year, or early in 2012 with a super cheap ticket price. I have a venue in London arranged and a rough schedule in place. I even have a few tentative yes’s from potential speakers. What I don’t yet have though is a name for it. What ought to be the simplest of tasks is thoroughly stumping me. Continue reading “Poll: Help choose the name for a Flex conference”

Welcome to the Church of TDD

Church of TDD

“Test Driven Development (TDD) is great. TDD is awesome. TDD will give you 100% code coverage. TDD will give you clean code. TDD is your coding saviour. Evil sinners test after they code and their code is bad. ‘Test first’ is the only one true way. You are a professional developer only if you use TDD. All bow down and worship at the alter of TDD. Oh by the way, TDD isn’t a religion. Honest.”

The above is my précis of chapter 5 of The Clean Coder by Robert C Martin. Continue reading “Welcome to the Church of TDD”