Handy links for exploring the internals of SWFs and SWCs

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

This post is primarily a handy way for those that attended the 2011 “try { harder }” conference to access links I showed in my “the joy of ABC” presentation at that event.

AS3Commons bytecode – This library, by Roland Zwaga, provides functionality for reading and writing to doABC tags within a loaded SWF.

The AS3 Zip library can read and write ZIP (and thus SWC) libraries.

Mixing Loom, by James Ward and Mike Labriola, is a Aspect-Orientated-Programming (AOP) framework library that can be used to modify the bytecode of a SWF as it’s loaded. See this great article by James for an overview of AOP and examples of using mixing loom.

Finally, Adobe’s SWF File format and AVM2 Overview documents provide essential information to enable you to better understand what the bytecode and mixing loom libraries are doing.