“An Update on Flex”, London February 2012

Apache Flex logoMonday 20th February, the sun had set on London and one hundred or so folk gathered near Waterloo station for special Flex London User Group (FLUG) meeting. It was a presentation by Adobe on what is happening with Flex from their perspective. We were treated to a personal visit from Deepa Subramaniam, along with the new Flash Builder product manager, Adam Lehman and evangelist Michael Chaize. It was an interestingly frank presentation, with plenty of questions asked, many of them answered in a positive way. In addition, Peter Elst and Tink discussed what was happening with Apache Flex. Continue reading ““An Update on Flex”, London February 2012″

Project Goshawk – Apache Flex’s own compiler?

Update: Soon after writing this article, my investigations into JavaScript/HTML frameworks made me start to question whether Flex had a future, especially with regard to targeting JavaScript. Then my career changed and I switched (back) to C# development. As a result, it’s safe to assume that Project Goshawk is well and truly dead.

Apache Flex logoYesterday, Adobe published their long-awaited “roadmap” for Flex: Adobe’s view of Flex and its commitments to Flex in the future. Sadly for those of us involved in the Apache Flex podling, the following piece is seriously bad news: Continue reading “Project Goshawk — Apache Flex’s own compiler?”

Writing a node.js module in CoffeeScript

coffeescript logoThis article seeks to detail how to write a node.js module in CoffeeScript, for both Windows and Linux. The Linux instructions may well work on OS X too, but as I do not have a Mac, I haven’t tested that environment. The article takes you through ensuring node.js and required modules are installed, that the coffee-script library can be accessed and then on to writing, installing and running an executable module. Finally it shows you some refactoring to enable all of the module code to be written in CoffeeScript. Continue reading “Writing a node.js module in CoffeeScript”

Project FlaXe update: RIP Project FlaXe

haxe logoBack in November, just after Adobe announced they were donating Flex to Apache, I posted a suggestion for a Flex salvage project. This project would involve porting the Flex AS3 code to haXe and using the latter’s ability to target JavaScript to turn Flex into a framework that could run on HTML5. Continue reading “Project FlaXe update: RIP Project FlaXe”

Beginners guide to using CoffeeScript on Windows with node.js

coffeescript logoWith Adobe’s relegation of Flash to the web sidelines last November, I finally decided that maybe I should take a serious look at JavaScript. One of the first things I discovered was a beautifully simple, elegant and lightweight “syntactic sugar” language built on JavaScript called CoffeeScript. So I figured I’d install the compiler and get experimenting… Continue reading “Beginners guide to using CoffeeScript on Windows with node.js”