Flex, logos and the impossible quest for something original

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After a lot of voting and a fair bit of tweaking, Apache Flex has a new logo:

Apache Flex logo

One of the challenges facing those taking part in the Apache Flex initiative was to come up with a modern, stylish design that stands out from the crowd. When compared with a bunch of other well-known logos, you’ll see it easily achieves that aim:

A collection of similar coloured logoes

Sarcasm over the – in my opinion – poor choice of colours aside, I still like it and think it’s a great improvement on the old grey Fx logo that Adobe used.

Of course, now that we have a logo for the new Apache Flex, all we need do now is create a release of the SDK…

7 thoughts on “Flex, logos and the impossible quest for something original

  1. Actually thanks for the comparison. It shows the first three having exactly the same colors, while Flex doesn’t use the yellow color 🙂 Didn’t look at it that way but it’s the most unique of all four 😉

  2. I can think of another company who had a nice quad coloured logo until recently!

  3. I did instantly think of Chrome, but it’s still funky.

    No offence Mr. Dodd but I whilst the logo you’re thinking of was a cool design, the colours took away some niceness. Not that the new colours are any better…

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