The Olympics may be over, but Monopoly & Google keep the feel-good feeling going

! Warning: this post hasn't been updated in over three years and so may contain out of date information.

Alan Turin special edition MonopolyI haven’t blogged at all for a couple of months for a very simple reason: London 2012. Being lucky enough to live near London, combined with having a sports-mad wife meant we bought tickets to three Olympic events and two Paralympic ones. When not visiting the games, we’ve been glued to the TV watching the events. Here in the UK, we have been spoiled by all day coverage of both the Olympics and Paralympics by the BBC and Channel 4 respectively, so I’ve not giving over any of my free time for coding or blogging.

The games are over, yet the post-games “hangover” hasn’t happened for me. Instead, today I’ve discovered – via the BBC – that Monopoly and Google between them have done something truly awesome: they have created an Alan Turing version of the Monopoly game. Google have paid for the entire first production run and donated all the sets to the Bletchley Park museum. Every game sold will be money donated to this celebration of the birth of computing and a celebration of the great man himself.

So if you fancy doing your bit to help the museum – and to own an incredible piece of geekiness – head over to the Bletchley Park site and pre-order your own copy.