Adobe show how not to do auto-updaters

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I haven’t done any Flash development for a while. As a result, I no longer need a debug version of the Flash player installed on my PC. So I installed the non-debug version and enabled the auto-update feature. Then recently, a new version of the Flash player was released and this updater kicked into action. The result is, not to beat about the bush, a complete farce. The following is a set of screen shots of this “automatic” process in action. Enjoy…

stage 1
Stage 1: I’m informed of the update. Time to download…
Stage 2
Oh hang on, I wasn’t downloading, it was a link to website. Oh and it wants me to install some McAfee crap too. That’s not nice.
Stage 3
Ah, now we have the update. Time to install (without McAfee!)
Stage 4
OK, so it didn’t install automatically. I now have to run the download.
Stage 5
Hang on, downloading? So I didn’t download the update, I downloaded an update downloader! WTF is going on here?
Stage 6
Wow, finally the “automatic” update is installed. Another button to click though…
Stage 7
Well roger me with a barge pole: the update is finally installed. Seriously Adobe, sort this shit out.

5 thoughts on “Adobe show how not to do auto-updaters

  1. Tell me again how this free software that gets continuous updates and is downloaded on your pc in a way such that you can verify the secure source is so shitty. O and how inconvenient that your OS asks you to confirm the execution of a binary you just downloaded on the web.

  2. @Luuk, try Chrome. It effortlessly auto-updates the flash player properly, without trying to force McAfee stuff upon me. Everything else is shitty by comparison.

  3. Chrome updates the Flash Player its way, which happens to break AIR badge updates.

    Firefox actually installs what Adobe gives it, which is why it follows a secure and visible security protocol.


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