I’m back!

Two years ago (almost), I stopped posting to my blog. Two years ago (almost) I took the opportunity to switch roles within the company I worked in at the time from developer to development manager. The two events are of course linked. It was a big move for me. I’d previously been a team leader; I’d previously had responsibilities for managing groups of people, but each time I’d carried on spend at least some of my time developing code. This role was different though. This role was 100% management. Coding became a thing of the past. There was lots of new skills to learn: people management; product management; project management; finance; and – with hindsight the most important skill learned – expectation management of commercial desires of the company.

So why didn’t I blog about these new discoveries? To put it simply, I was unsure about what was appropriate to post; how to talk of what I was learning without compromising the commercial confidence of the company. I couldn’t post about the negatives and the positives always seemed almost mundane and hardly interesting reading for others. So time passed and the blog died a slow death… Continue reading “I’m back!”