About Me

David ArnoMy name is David Arno. I am a Software Development Manager and occasional developer.

I have just under 30 years’ software development experience across a range of technologies and languages:

  • C# (with some legacy VB!) apps used to manage many aspects of the business for a mid-sized insurance company
  • Java with JBoss, Oracle, AS3 and Flex, then later C#, SQL_Server and ASP.NET MVC used to create data management tools capable of processing, indexing and archiving terabytes of data.
  • AS2 and C++ used in real-time, embedded, environmental monitoring and precision-manufacturing controllers.
  • ASP and VBScript to create intranet-based web apps for a local college. VBScript, T-SQL and AD used to automate various data warehousing and user account management tasks for that same college.
  • C, Fortran and Ada, used in real-time and graphical aspects of software for aircraft simulators; C with lex and yacc used to create compilers for DSL’s used to automate development tasks around those systems.

I have been pretty much addicted to programming since I was 14. The languages used, and my areas of interest, have changed over the years as technologies and my employers have changed. My current areas of interest are predominantly focused on F# and using C# to write functional-style code., but I am also a keen advocate of agile methods such as Scrum, Pair Programming and Test Driven Development. These therefore tend to be the topics covered in this blog.

I live, with my wife and two children, in a small village in England called Isfield, which lies a few miles north of the seaside city of Brighton. It has a good pub, a preserved steam railway line with just over a kilometre of track, a summer fete, a music festival and a very active bonfire society. Aside from that, it’s a very quiet place to live!

I currently work for an insurance company called Domestic & General. I’ve been there for just under six months now. Being a financial company, it’s proving a massive learning experience for me, as I’ve previously focused on engineering and web-based jobs.

I post the usual random selection of thoughts and opinions on Twitter. Feel free to follow me there if the mood takes you. I am also a fairly regular contributor to Stack Overflow and SE Programmers.