AS4 Feature proposal: Pass properties by reference

AS4 draftActionScript 3 (AS3) supports the idea of being able to pass around a reference to a method. All methods can be treated as an instance of the Function class to facilitate this. Unfortunately, the same is not possible with properties. So whilst one can provide say an event handler with a reference to a private method, the same cannot be done with those frameworks that use properties. Continue reading “AS4 Feature proposal: Pass properties by reference”

AS4 Feature proposal: Implied interfaces

AS4 draftIdeas come and go and fashions change in software. One factor has however remained constant and unquestionably true throughout the 20+ years I’ve been writing code in a professional capacity. It is the mantra: “code should be highly cohesive and loosely coupled”. Cohesiveness has been neatly handled for many years through modularizing ones code. Just about every language I can think of (with the sole exception of VBScript) supports the idea of splitting functionality across multiple files, libraries, modules etc.

Loose coupling though has been a far harder nut to crack. Continue reading “AS4 Feature proposal: Implied interfaces”

AS4 Feature proposal: Type inference

AS4 draftThis is the first in a series of articles I plan on creating addressing important features that I feel are missing from ActionScript 3. They are features that I’d like to see added to a future version of ActionScript, which I’ve assumed would be called ActionScript 4 (AS4).

This first article is on type inference. Continue reading “AS4 Feature proposal: Type inference”