The day I stood on stage and said “um” alot

Flash on the Beach organiser, John Davie, has made the elevator pitch videos for this year available to all. You can watch my one below. Being very self-critical, I dislike the number of times I some “um”, which spoils my performance in my view. Others disagree with me. Watch it and make up your own mind. Continue reading “The day I stood on stage and said “um” alot”

FOTB 2010 Day 2

This year, Flash on the Beach (FOTB) has been very different from normal for me due to being one of the “elevator pitchers”. Today therefore was not exactly a normal day. I joined my eighteen fellow pitchers at the Dome’s stage door around 7:45am ready for a final rehearsal. Most of the next two hours was then spent staring into space, trying to remain calm. My three minutes on stage for the rehearsal was tough; the three minutes spent talking to some 800 to 1000 conference delegates was absolutely amazing. Continue reading “FOTB 2010 Day 2”

FOTB 2010 Day 1

This is my fourth Flash on the Beach (FOTB) conference, and I’m getting the pattern of the start of the first day now. I got to the dome around 8:55 and walked past the sad queue of folk still trying to register at the last moment. They were going to miss the keynote as FOTB doesn’t do rapid registration and it doesn’t wait for them. Grabbing a cup of tea, I then hung around outside the hall until 9:10 when we were let in for the 9:00 Keynote session. Since he’s a stickler for timing, I can only assume this persistent late start must drive the event organiser, John Davey, crazy. Continue reading “FOTB 2010 Day 1”