Project FlaXe update: RIP Project FlaXe

haxe logoBack in November, just after Adobe announced they were donating Flex to Apache, I posted a suggestion for a Flex salvage project. This project would involve porting the Flex AS3 code to haXe and using the latter’s ability to target JavaScript to turn Flex into a framework that could run on HTML5. Continue reading “Project FlaXe update: RIP Project FlaXe”

JavaScript is a toy language, but that is a good thing

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post entitled “JavaScript is a toy language.” It proved a controversial post, which – with hindsight – I should have expected. Two years on, much has changed in the programming world and much has changed with my position on JavaScript. So I thought it time I revisited the topic. Continue reading “JavaScript is a toy language, but that is a good thing”