PASH – Powershell for “the rest of us”

If you have never used Windows PowerShell, you are missing out on a hugely powerful command-line tool. Not only does it show up the dos window/cmd prompt for the joke it has been for decades, it gives even the most powerful Unix shells a run for their money. (I’ve spent around ten years of my life using just about every last features of, what is in my view, is the most powerful shell out there – ksh. So I like to think I know what I’m talking about here). If you are using Windows and use a cmd window on occasions, then you should be using PowerShell. Grab yourself a copy of the free PowerGUI, join the community at and you’ll probably never touch cmd again.

Of course there is a world beyond Windows, and if you use a MAc, Solaris, Linux etc, you are likely thinking “so what?” Well a new Mono-based developement, Pash, is set to change all that. The developers of Pash aim to recreate PowerShell on those other operating systems. If you are a developer, then you may be interested to know that the project is still pre-alpha too, so there is plenty of opportunity to show off your skills by helping out.