You cannot do good UX without good features

iPlayer on an Android phoneThe BBC have released the iPlayer app for Android phones. It uses Flash, so only works on phones with Android 2.2 or later and the Flash player installed. Restrictions like this are of course the price we pay for fast-paced progress and innovation. Plus I have an Android phone with 2.2 and Flash on it, so it works for me. The phrase “works for me” is said with huge reservation though Continue reading “You cannot do good UX without good features”

User Experience: it’s features all the way down

Last weekend – 3rd July 2010 – TechCrunch published an article entitled “FaceTime and Why Apple’s Massive Integration Advantage is Just Beginning“. To my mind it is one of the most appallingly fan-boy biased, poorly argued, articles that TechCrunch have published. Yet bizarrely others seem to describe it as an insightful post that argues why endlessly adding new features to products is not a good thing. Continue reading “User Experience: it’s features all the way down”