WiseMVC makes it to GitHub

wisemvcLast week, I released a preview of WiseMVC, with the aim of getting feedback on the idea. I was really pleased to get some seriously high quality feedback from Frédéric Saunier. He suggested lots of improvements and asked me some thought-provoking questions on why I was doing it. As a result, I have reworked the code to take many of his ideas into account. Continue reading “WiseMVC makes it to GitHub”

Announcing WiseMVC: PureMVC without the anti-patterns

wisemvcPureMVC has been a popular MVC framework. It is available for many programming languages. It’s lightweight, easy to learn and implements a nice interpretation of the rather vague concept that is “Model View Controller”. It’s popularity has begun to wane in recent years though Continue reading “Announcing WiseMVC: PureMVC without the anti-patterns”