MIX:UK is dead! Long live ReMix UK!

ReMix UK

Last year, Microsoft hosted the first ever MIX:UK event, a two day conference on all things Microsoft, of interest to developers and designers alike. I was beginning to think that the first MIX conference in the UK would be the last as there was no word anywhere that another was on its way. However never fear, MIX:UK is back, just re-badged as ReMix UK. As a bonus (for me at least; it’ll be a pain for many), the venue has moved from London to glorious Brighton this year.

Despite being an Eclipse, Java & Flex man these days, the new technologies – such as Silverlight – that Microsoft are pushing are still likely to be hugely influential to anyone involved with web or RIA development. So the event is well worth attending in my view. Even my MS hating, Mac weilding boss agreed (once he has stopped laughing at my “may I go to a Microsoft conference please?” request and realised I was being serious for once).

If you are thinking of going, don’t delay. The sneaky folk that are organising the event are only offering the £239 “Early Bird” price to the first 300 registrants. After that, the price jumps to £349. So get registering and I’ll see you there…